What is 1 + 1?

You would be quite correct in answering 2 of course, but at Networked People we feel the question is somewhat misleading and incomplete.

We would question further ‘what are you attempting to measure?’. If this is a mathematical problem then sure the answer is 2, but if you are trying to measure the interaction of two entities that bring skills and experience together the answer will be very different.

At Networked People we are bringing a range of complementary factors and services together in a new way. Our services have been designed from the start to be modular allowing You to pick and choose the elements that serve you in the way you want and to the greatest effect for your future success.

Our mission is to provide you with a full range of professional services including job finding and connecting you with those offering opportunites of interest to you, management of your individual network including your fellow professionals and potential employers, either direct or through our large network of partners and agencies.

We also want to help you with the overheads involved as a freelancer or contractor; you will benefit from our specialised services helping you manage your interviews and appointments, invoicing processes and book keeping and automated job application at the ‘push of a button’ and professional CV services to name but a few.

We appreciate that many of you will already be seasoned professionals but we welcome new members who are just starting out on an exciting new way of working and when you choose to do it with Networked People, you can find a job today and start work tomorrow, our services will provide you with everything you need.

We also promise efficient payment for your services even direct to your paypal account.

It does not stop there; the market is competetive and improving your skills is the best way to stay ahead and that is why we offer you a carrer guidance service including training and certification at the very best prices.

At Networked People we do not want to be just another employment agency but more your partner in helping you achieve your goals. Now consider the synergy of all our services and experience with your potential we think that:

1 + 1 = 3